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Post Acid Youth (Amplifier)

Drugged a million words Just like ourselves Formed a straight line Plucking at sound-waves And oh, For no-one ever Darkest singing The days of tripping upon snakes Are over now Do you feel empty now Inside the fascist city? And I'm thinking of euphoria Spiked on golden splinters With the church of relativity All under my fingers Head up into the bluest skies Stuck in the glue with the dying flies Inside the vapour you were grown In the LSD of the speaker cone Been given the cobwebs to blow away Been celebrating each wasted day In unconditional luxury Comatose, living life in a sugar cube Do you feel pleasure now Inside the fascist body? Dumb and hooked on fossil fuels A gorged generation Speckled and smackey Singing Prozac is golden Escaped the prison they called the head And glittered the bones of the young and dead On big Imperial chemistry Elastic, dumb and vulnerable But somewhere down south - Where the birds are singing You'll hear the barbed wire doves Of a million mothers Is there fulfilment now Inside the fascist psyche?