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UFOs (Amplifier)

Have you heard the news from outer space? Seems that somewhere in the ancient dunes Of silver moons like giant spoons Lie dusty tombs Of martian men In Uboat pens And they will come to kill us all Because our plastic factories And our catastrophic theories are all we have We live our lives from paper bags And I know better than you know I'd kill you cause you drive to slow Aggressive instincts will do us in Just give us the chance for us to prove it ourselves Don't you know that all machines sink? So we laid back and we watched space revolve With bodies of astronauts long cold Blinking like lonely satellites Where we left vapour trails Through cotton skies Come on let's scratch the heavens one last time Cause we're all sinking in the sunshine And though you'd love to stay Well you said you must be on your way To where the rainbows and ufos Fall ten at a time In a shower of glitter and gold We'll all be waiting for you here...