America's Most Hated (Federline Kevin)

Waitress, can I have another drink please? I'd like to formally introduce my self .. Im the talk of the town Thats the reason why they stare 4 karats in my ear If you look see a glare Im - one of a kind With a wonderful rhyme Im skatin off in a 'rari You'll get left behind My raps fully automatic like an AR Droppin - nothin but heat me an JR Im livin life in the fast lane Then the cash came Fire wont quit, still burnin like a gas flame They watch me So i duck and roll Middle fingers still up sayin fuck the globe And my dawgs still down We dont trust them hoes I live life like a King I was extra stoned Kevin Federline - I come tight with every rhyme I built a kingdom down the street from pepperdine This marijuana got me heavily sedated Im Kevin Federline America's most hated (what!) Aww yea baby - JR mane, JR you there mane? Hey man, why dont you pass me that bottle over there guy Im on the frontline Dodgin cameras like the one time Cant even chill in this california sunshine But its okay, i got somethin for ya Im handin out ass kickins like diplomas Who the first to get it? Ya know K Feds wit it All that shit rappers talk about, I already did it Im committed - to the game The fames why I hustle Lyrical exercise, workin every muscle on the double Chief and commanda Hand ya Ass to ya in a basket wrapped in plastic Im looney All these model chicks wanna do me Tabloids tried to screw me Magazines try to kill me But im nasty Too fuckin slick and sly So high I could prolly drop a shit and fly You gonna need a big army If you comin for me K. Federline - I hit like tsunamis whoo - yea baby, that shit is fire right there, you know what im talkin about? Lets get drunk to this one damn it. hoo, one more jack and coke bitch Im bigga than you Im sicka than you Im here now So they not gon pay attention to you They listen to dude I sizzle the booth Im livin the truth You fuckas talk shit Couldnt fit my shoes I got my blue yankee fitted on Watch to match Little boys we can get it on Watch your back I got my name spreadin faster than crack And thats just a fact Sucked in Americas hate and now im passin it back Uh Who told this bastard that he cant rap I got 50 mill. I can do whatever I want I dont need a deal I can do whatever I want I just keep it real I can say whatever I want Dont buy my shit I bet your girl ridin to it With her hair in the wind And her mind on the new kid The most anticipated But still underated Kevin Federline - Americas Most Hated (what!)