Caught Up (Federline Kevin)

Caught up Fists balled up Fight for what’s right, that’s how I was brought up Brought up Heart so tough Felt love, now my emotions are caught up Break up to make up is all we do For the past five years it’s been all about you I aint even been able to do my du Cause all day and night my mind been on my boo But certain situations got me late-night pacing I know it all started when I missed your graduation Handcuffed, back seat, on my way to the station Alcohol on my breath, bout to add to my cases That was my fault, but the rest was you Yeah, I missed my first million cause I left with you But it was all about feelings when I stepped to you Now I’m chopped up feeling like a vegetable And you know I’m not abusive but sometimes you make me lose it Never put my hands on you though sometimes I wanna do it Got my mind mixed up, like my brain’s in the blender I remember when we both made the change for the better Now we back to our old ways trying to stay together What happened to the sunshine through the bad weather You wear mad leather so I know that you’re depressed And I’m smoking a pack of cigs a day from the stress When we first met you was my lifetime partner My life crime partner, my wife my honor But now I’m feeling like George Bush and Osama We gotta stop this shit put an end to this drama And all your girlfriends they just snakes in the grass Tellin’ you to dump me but tryin to holla when I pass I just sit back and laugh, they don’t know what you got I’ma ride when things good, and I’ma ride when they not And before I pack it up I hope that we can patch it up I know I say I love you, but baby I can back it up And I hope you can too, cause I’m your man, boo Aint nobody gonna care about you like your man do And I realize it’s destiny, fate got the best of me I knew it ever since the first time you had sex with me Give it another chance, hopefully we’ll make it last Start it all over, leave the rest in the past [CHORUS]