Snap (Federline Kevin)

See I'm done with this two-step Man I just snap, Man I just snap, Man I just snap And I ain't callin up for those drinks no more I just snap Man I just snap, Man I just snap And I ain't hollin at these ho's no more I just snap Man I just snap, Man I just snap And they know when it's time to go I just snap Man I just snap, Man I just snape When I say jump, You better start leapin' When I say crawl, Then you better start creepin' As soon as I hit the club, The weed smoke lingers I don't say shit, I just snap fingers Kev Federline and a whole set of dimes 'Cause Benjamin Franklin is a good friend of mine I know your mad 'cause your girl wants to watch me But I hate haters like the fucking paparazzi Sit back and watch me, 'Cause you can't stop me I'm drinkin French Connection, blowin on Broccli You got lil dough, I got cake with no iceing K-Federline, I snap like Mike Tyson When I snap my fingers, Then your heads the target Everywhere I go they drop the red carpet I'm the pancake man, Fuck a hand shake man I snap my fingers and nod my head Girl make me happy and please make it snappy I give you an order, you better run like an athlete When Kev touchdown like the endzone Snap, Valet man park the Ento Without a scratch, and it's a fact The rap game was locked, Until I broke the latch Please, remember the name K-Fed And I ain't even drunk, the media want Kev dead Twistin' up every little word that Kev said Well tell them fuckerazzis they can give Kev head I snap like they do in Atlanta Peep, the ice care, Got Juelz like Santana I ain't tryin to get to yell and shit So when you hear that snap, then get the hell in the whip And chickenheads they scare me, Tryin' to get near me Like "Kev you still married?" Yeah bitch, you can holla' and call security I'm sick with 10 mills, the only thing that's curing me Yeah, I'm hotter than a pizza oven Magazines drop the lies and I precede the clubbin' I'm poppin' bottles, all the models, like to see me comin' All you ladies pay attention I'll teach you somethin' Louis Vaton from my feet to my arm If your broke than your probably thinkin' I'm speakin' in tongue [Chorus]