The World Is Mine (Federline Kevin)

I'm a pirate on the seas, call me Captain Hook Everything belong to me, every cranny and nook Every rock, every bird, every animal in it This respect it ain't, I get cannibal wit it You thought Peter Pan, with life stories and fairy tales I walked through the concrete jungle wit just a scale A pound of weed, no seed, sippin on OE Back in '93 when the world didn't quite know me I traveled the seven seas, behind the scenes Before the pop queen, limousines and magazines Before the brain, Ben Franklins with no change Took a picture of the globe and hung it up in a frame Since dat day in '93, I been on my grind Since dat day in '93, the world been mine Gimme a straight shot of patron without no lime And some California kush just to ease my mind I'll be damned if I ever gave a fuck what yall think On top, never get ranked how yall rank From where I'm from, to the Carribean seas The World Is Mine, everything belong to me Create my own style, I ain't never been a bad guy Tell the media I'm really not a bad guy They try to make me a victim of my own plot Cuz people love to see ya dead when you on top They talk shit, "Kev sucks, why don't he retire?" You fucks set a fuel to my fire I make music America can feel Don't get it twisted, Popozao was from Brazil I'm a boss and you fuckas ain't half that Fat wrap, got tha black gat in his backpack So I'm not playing, and I'm not spraying One snap of the finger, the floor is where you laying The world is mine, and everything in it Young Jeezy told me that, so Ima go and get it It's all a big game, watch me post pivot And state no opinion, unless your'e told to give it [Chorus x2]