Back In The Days (Psychopunch)

I got a sixpack baby & I'm ready to go Are you coming with me I wanna know I suffer hard but that's ok Tomorrow brings a brand new day I check the time & man I know I'm late The future is a pile of shit I hate So wake me up before it's to late Riding high - flying low Come on sister take me home Bullseye honey let me in I'm dying hard for the perfect sin ohyeah I'm just another loser that's alright But the face in the mirror looks so bright And it makes me feel that I just might Reach for the sky - I wonder why I feel this way - I heard someone say Reach for the sky - don't let it die Fun things - don't let it go Back in the days - back in the days I left it all in a haze - back in the days The sun wont shine on me no more I'm lying screaming on the floor For all the things I never had And all the things that makes me mad