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Good For Nothing At All (Psychopunch)

Crying in my beer, I feel pretty cool Gonna waste away the night and be someone's fool It's the same old song and dance everywhere I go A sharp dressed piece of shit wanna run the show Stumbling madly forward to another place Through a barrel of a gun I saw a pretty face With a long neck bottle of beer she was walking the line She was death on two legs, her mother was 49 It was the coolest thing she ever said When I woke up in her mother's bed Well alright, she said yeah Wanna go for a ride? Wanna do it again? Long gone lover baby's gonna give me hell The devil in me took a ride to the wishing well Sneaking round the house trying to find the door When she punched me in the face and dragged me to the floor She said: "Lick my pussy you fucking queer" I said: "Hell no baby, I'm a fast motherfucker out of here" She said: "Well, then you can go to hell" I'm good for nothing at all Crying for a beer and a cigarette The harder they come the harder I try to forget But it's the same old song and dance everywhere I go I've got the lowdown shaking chills, I'm good for nothing at all I wanna go to a place where no one knows My name, my face or my last score Well alright, baby don't you know I'm headed for a fall I'm good for nothing at all