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Goodbye Suckerville (Psychopunch)

Look for the exit, can't take it no more I'm shit out of luck and I wanna go home Hell on my left side, a bitch on my right I freeze in the middle, it's weird alright It's a very strange town They wanna show me around Come on and feel the pain I'm back in the devil's lane The sheriff is fat and the preacher is thin Gotta break out before they suck me in I run to the station, look for the train The track is empty, did I lose again? Don't wanna hang around here I start shaking with fear They wanna fill me with lead Now here is what they said: We're glad to have you here in Suckerville Where the girls are dressed as truckers And the boys are down to kill Give me all the liquoir I can drink Cause the boys are turning faggots When the girls go down to kill Yeah, yeah, yeah what a mess I'm in Shit out of luck and no chance to win This game of evil here in suckerville Goodbye now Suckerville I can't move too fast right now And I'm born to thrill Alright, what an ugly night Look out little honey it fucking kills Goodbye Suckerville