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Greatest Waste Of Time (Psychopunch)

Born stiff with a deathwish on your mind Born to be a man but a pussy inside Slam your iron fist against the wall Go tell the world you gonna fuck it all Destination nowhere looks alright With an empty head you look so damn surprised Fly your middle finger on judgement day Your mind is made up there is no other way Canґt you see - I donґt believe I canґt believe that people are for real Itґs so easy - walk on by and never learn Itґs so easy - never mind just crash and burn Passion is for faggots and we all know We gonna kick some ass at the topless rodeo Just close your eyes and please donґt say a word Pissing out the poison I guess it hurts But hey is there something you wanna say Before the good Lord takes you away Salvation donґt mean much and the firstborn is out of touch And the time is ticking in For all the people who lives in sin They all reach out for the sky The even pray before they die And I watch them walk on by And itґs the greatest waste of time Itґs the greatest waste of time Itґs gonna be a tough sucker for this poor old heart of mine