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My Desert Soul (Psychopunch)

I struggle for nothing , I don't wanna move ahead There's got to be something , it might as well be dead Here comes a new one , put out the light My kind of fun , it's out of sight Ain't looking for glory baby you know I'm not that kind Down here for nothing and it really blows my mind It makes you weap , don't make me laugh He's a motherfucking creep , he wont splitt it in half Nothing ever bleeds Until the day you bite the hand that feeds Straight thru my soul Let the good times roll Strung out for days - 47 ways Way past the midnight hour I fall apart like a long gone lover Let the good times roll My desert soul I'm halfway in , where the hell are you? Pretty close to sin , how about you? Up tight baby where the wolfbane blooms Sticky fingers in to much to soon Cause I , I will never hesitate Born to love , given to hate Just like the trigger of a gun it wants my soul And it's out of control