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Up On The Hills (Psychopunch)

Like a demon seed - I'm goin' out of my head I can't believe all the fucking crap that I have to grind It's impossible - my little cotton head I heard you screaming out loud that you rather be dead A long way to the great unknown C'mon and pick up the phone You're such a loser on a dead end street With flowers in your hand And a sucker at your feet Up on the hills - take a look but don't touch Shooting up thrills - it's a little bit too much So what do you know? - and why the hell do you care It's beautiful up here Bottles and pills - (it's hard to understand) "coz" up on the hills - (nobody gives a damn) It's a sensation - (it's kind of shitty indeed) But still i will remain up on the hills I can't close my eyes - oh no Here I go again thru two inch snow It's unbelievable - it's hard to believe Chuck is back in town with a brand new deal I think I spot a star , down at victoria by the bar Promile hill wont change , I got it all with in my range.