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Farmhand (Mr. Lif)

Aiyo, Lif, man (Yo, wassup, son?) Yo, I'm tellin' you, kid Yo, I heard your jam on the radio, son (Aight.) Yo, on the real, it wasn't all that, man All this hype, you know what I'm sayin', people talkin' bout You do this and that, son (Oh, word?) Yo, straight up kid, it's just wack, kid Yo, I ever see you at a show, son Imma run up on stage and...(Lemme tell you somethin, kid) You step to the stage Cause you think that you're fresh But I'll burn off your flesh Like David Caresh(???) Skin sizzlin', now your frame is a scab Let's play a fucking game of virtual stab Take off my headset To see if you're dead yet You bled yet? Still fled the scene With a severed spleen You scream and wail As I follow your blood trail I'm right on your tail It's logical to catch you at the hospital Certainly, you'll be in the "room de emergency" Waitin' for some surgery Or maybe just to suit ya Guess who they called for the (???) maneuever Armor, drums, and plus a lyrical luger Me, mother fuckin' Lif M.D. You think you're the champ? Gimme the clamp So I can pump more raps Up in your thorax What do we have here? A small intestine No question, jack this nigga for his digestion Plus his identity and the suspension Suggestion- Make sure my name is never mentioned Act a fool, you're dealin' with a rude boy (WATCH OUT!) You're dealin' with a rude boy Act a fool, you're dealin' with a rude boy Who you dealin' with? Who you dealin' with? Act a fool, you're dealin' with a rude boy (WATCH OUT!) You're dealin' with a rude boy Act a fool, you're dealin' with a rude boy I'm not ready to say my name yet! Yo, Lif (What's up, kid?) Did you have to (???) that kid And have him stand in the front row And look him in the eyes Just to prove your point? [Mr. Lif](spoken) Yo, man, actually, it was just a standard procedure Scalpel to Adam's Apple Slaughter the Madula Oblongada Then call his father So, so what happened when you took it to D.C.? Oh, let me tell you, son Watch this I run up in the Oval Office The President's nauseous He'd better be cautious Before Lif launches Another assault, his Weaponry's too advanced You give him a glance He might present an ill Bio-chemical sentinel Here it comes Funny how a politician runs and shits his suit That he bought with money from selling guns to loot, perhaps Came from makin' more (???) and gave ya a glance of cancer, and 21 salute You were just another recruit that got shitted on in life's crap chute The government gave you the boot But now I'm in cahoots with alternative routes Let's hold me, so we can tear down Wall Street Actin' like a misfit, up in your district Financial, the damage is substantial My oath-limited growth, the law, you continue to break Earthquake, set and calculate how long it will take to rebuild How many people will be killed in your iris Search for what doesn't exist Lost in the mist with assist From the microchip up in your wrist I'll blur your sense of secure Many have tried, but, none can deter Me from this path Political bloodbath They question, don't mention my name if they ask Yo Facts(Y-Y-Yeah) Yo, bro, I got mad heat on me right now, you know what I'm sayin'? Yo if you be lookin' for a brotha But, yo, you gotta promise me one thing, man Yo, they gonna interrogate you, they gonna ask you who I am, man You gotta promise me, kid, that you ain't gonna tell 'em my name, son (scratching) I won't expose your names or your identities