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Madness In A Cup (Mr. Lif)

Begin initiation, it's been too many years awaitin While other niggas fell off I been contemplatin What's the best to blow up the scene Murder all the wack and get away clean Plan one, all the wack got done State by state, one by one And peace to my niggas in the ton Here come plan two, separate they crew Divide and conquer, because it's evident I'm stronger Than the average man generated by the ganja Some mc's got 40 ounce hearts and blunt brains And they frames are supported by a spine of cocaine But I'm rollin dimes wit ya minds Sippin ya heart and on time ya spine is In lines exported to Peru And I'm about to flip on somethin illa Tippa Heinekin or Miller the blank page filler Until ya bring the ruck this is just madness in a cup Chorus (Jeru sample) Superscientifical madness (x2) Whether in the studio on the road or on tour My mic remains raw Verbal, metamorphosis of metaphor In the cocoon to incubate ascend to higher rates Never no time to wait TC can kill the rhymes annihilate My suffixes cause eclipses Mad elixirs for dime smokin blunt fixers My flow snatches the earth off it's axis And leave civilazation on galactic paralysis My analysis is that of an exodus Synthesis like photo, "Africa" like toto Ya unto my dojo, the setting is Pluto Then back to earth to kill niggas wit my judo Sixteen century foolbro, on horsebacks through your thorax Relax drink up, this is just madness in a cup Chorus (x2) Line by line I combine phrases to braze kids The rules of my raps form labryinths and mazes Melting glaciers cuz my rhymes warm globally Broken ozones casualties and microphones Whites bury tones in my headphones Whirlwind MC and my flows are now cyclones Go on blow the earth up in the stars and I tiptoe the constallations just like Starman But even as particles I built rhymes by molecules Black holes all fallin to rebuild ya cells and folicles My brain cells are jail cells where my thoughts dwell Amongst the smoke of a thousand L's I'm still increasin peace signs to wrap my piece in And I'll be keepin tissues for those that's weapin You win it all to lose it all, riches to the winners To the losers shells fall all in all I'm breakin hearts and hidin traces, unitin the races And gaining mad speed from cop chases This place is blowin up, this is just madness in a cup Chorus (x2)