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Canal Street (Anti Tank Nun)

The day didn't stark to nice or good No better than the night before The moon was in a nasty mood The sun had a mug of a dead whore Now, shall we see what the cat brought Another rat for me to bite What kind of slime do I not got To help me kill my time tonight? Canal street I gotta quit I go to bed sober and clean Hands on the sheets just like a baby But I get up like Charlie Sheen Hung over, dry and empty-handed Sociology at canal street College of life - that was my schooling But it's too much, can't take the heat Like a mad dog I see it drooling Canal street I gotta quit I feel the same down in my gut I must have come from another world In this man's mouth always a butt Even when puke inside in whirled Each time we meet they start to bark Their diamond throats get all ecstatic Our school of thought at Wilson Park Vulgar in words - it's so schematic Canal street I gotta quit