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Big John Is My Name (Rare Earth)

Well I like what I do and I do what I like What I do? I play the funky music Some of my friends smoke a little dope I gotta tell you all Some of my friends tootin' up coke Well different strokes for different folks, but me? Playin' funky music all night long, that's what turns Me on I might not ever make the big time yeah yeah yeah yeah 'Cause honky tonk joints that's my style Hey in a one bulb lighted room, where the women wear 50 cent perfume Big John is my name, playin' funky music is my claim to Fame From the big city, me and my band specialize in the Nitty gritty Played my music in every honky tonk joint from Maine to Mexico Soulful folks ain't got no shoes smellin' like all Out doors I got invited to the white house but I had to turn it Down cause This here band can't stand what saddity folks are Puttin' down I might Big John I want to know can you get down, all the way Down