Live. Love. (King the Kid)

Locked up in your bedroom in your own reality you're feeling all alone turned off your phone so you can breathe You put your headphones on and turn it up you know the perfect song to sing along And you're still reflecting on a broken mirror but you could look away and see everything is not what it seems Live it up, yea some times are tough when you've had enough remember you're loved Live in love and you'll be alright cuz life isn't just black white move on from the thoughts that hurt you live in love you live and you learn you're more than you though you were You're stuck in an emotion hidden by your sleeves but if anybody knew the things that you do you'd be reminded what you mean So much left in hopes to live for every day's a day to look towards, live it up, live in love Keep your head up Hanging by a thread Live it up, Live in love