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Lost Nation (Equirhodont)

Unlogical pictures begins to compose together. But what that Force doesn’t know, was that We are Immortal. We know no downfall, we know no Death. We are the offsprings of the Agelesses. Only once, when I was young, I broke the Law. I know no remorses, it was necessary, it was so sad… Proud nation Kärgeräs… Proud nation Kärgeräs… They defied my Power they wanted to steal The Black Crystal. They created their own Gods, Rodäxx wanted to oppose me. Rulbrah just wanted to rule but love she always defied. Stone, child, Trygän Sexton she spawned Dygon to them. It’s not possible to stand against Order of the Universe. I was send to intervene, I created them and so destroyed them. I broke the Law but was it my guilt ?