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Meeting (My Father) (Equirhodont)

Lar stood up and said: Let the Ruler speak! and there was a silence in which, like the explosion of the Storm, the voice of my Father resounded: "From black Hearts Poison will stream out, from extinguished Eyes Belladonna will grow, from parched Mouth Snake will sneak, from deaf Ears Rooks will fly." "Ancient Secrets are revealed to you, they are stupefying and pitch-black, so depart now to your Worlds and create the new Youth of Magic!" "Go and create!" My Father finished. From the throats of other Magi and Warlocks I heard the accordant: "Go and Create!" Everything was devoured by Darkness and me, Equirhodont, was left alone. Since that time I have never seen my Father again or anybody of the Counsellors. But it is always this way.