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Song (Dream) (Equirhodont)

Ages ago I tried to inspire life to Creatures once more. I have called them People! I heard this word from Rodaxx once and I liked it. Oh, what an error again. Again there appeared Other Forces on the stage. This time they have brought things they have called "gods" to help them. A smart move, really. The Others are more and more perfect. With bewitching whisper I will conjure up everything I will recite the mysterious Words, Gates to the Unknown - wide open. I know glittering worlds, And also worlds treaded down by Destruction, I penetrate into Depths Which you will never see. By fiery whirlwind I will cure The insanity and doom of the world, With the icy breath I make sleep Everybody, who have survived. Flaming bodies, weeping and laugh, Icy tears, Magic of Masters. I will curse you forever, There is no Return from my words. And so Rodaxx's People turned out to be my big mistake, too. That time, after their infamous termination I decided to live only in our Higher Orders and dream cobwebs. The Lives with Rˇon and Xerida were wonderful. During my wandering travels I came to the Empire I did not know and which had not been created by anybody. It existed by itself, it was the moving power of the very essence of Magic and Mystery. In human words, I spent there millions of Ages and if I had not been evoked once again, I would have stayed there forever. But somebody was calling me, somebody was invoking me tenaciously and toughly. So I went.