Deprived (Forest of Shadows)

Once there was a smile Filled with radiant bliss Breathing summers pride In the midst of a beautiful life Oh, how it danced upon her face Painting nothing but perfection Her eyes stared into tomorrow As fragile wings spread wide open Through gardens of deceit Where delusive pleasures grow She followed a sweet perfume Into the depths of a twilight dream There in sunny beams he did appear With poisoned flowers for his prey Like a divinity for blind worship He smiled and reached out his hand With visions of grand beauty And words of promised lands Her mind was slowly intoxicated By a yearning for that glorious light Sleepwalking she entered the delusion Sleepwalking she entered his golden cage And wings of liberty fell dead As she awoke from her slumber Once there was a smile But now it's dead and gone Buried beneath a lifeless mask That hides the wreckage that is her Another angel fallen from grace Deprived of all that once was Unable to see her own tomorrow And destined to fade away