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Of Sorrow Blue (Forest of Shadows)

Of sorrow blue and clad in mist Dancing midst the meadows of my dreams My precious one, my fallen beauty Fallen beneath a dismal cloud I recall that dreary morning I ran to the shores of her eyes I was there watching the seas And it was all silent upon the sea A candle caravan the final stream Of angel gleam There was no farewell of solace Before the caravan was gone Of sorrow blue and clad in tears Her cordial hands reach for me My peaceful dream Her soothing warmth Fallen beneath a dismal cloud I bow to her beautiful name The flowers need not to be watered These tears won't let the soil dry Where her name is carved in stone You were my core You were my soul Lips of roses Mane of gold Intoxicated we lay entwined I wore the carnal crown Of sorrow blue and clad in soil My mind still echoes from her songs Earth and time are caling my name Let me fall beneath This dismal cloud