Open Wound (Forest of Shadows)

I saw the flowers die Grand beauty turn to dust Under wings of cold white death Winter came into my sleep I had left myself once again Covered with grey despair My fallen memories lay bleak and bare Untold misery had awaken Come, enlighten my dream With your forever smile Linger here awhile And be with me in my sleep Come, return the sun For it is growing dark And I am bleeding dry From this wound I wear the face of a dying wish Seeking beyond the gate of my delusion Where she is dancing with the dead Clad in a shroud of eternal peace Come, enlight my dream Let your moon arise Save me from the fruit Fed with sorrows dew Come, return from dust Be with me for one last time Save me from myself Or I will be dead by dawn I saw the flowers die And nothing felt the same Under wings of cold white death Weary hours brought the end