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Neva Again (Kam)

[Kam] Lift every voice and sing Yeah, but we gon' lift every fist and swing So save the negro spiritual It's 1992 and niggaz need a miracle And no more song and dance like we shall overcome, and ain't got a chance y'all stuck on "I have a dream" Need to put the picket sign down and get on the team Stand up and do somethin Stop beggin for a meal, cause everything is real Nigga look at yourself, you in hell Claimin wel-fare, or should I say fare-well Mr. Christian, you was too spooky Now Bush want to slave, and Russia want to nuke me And the most you can tell me is love thy enemy? Stay off the Hennesey Pops I want freedom, so hand me the nine You can pray for yours, but I'ma go get mine Now how long has it been? For a hundred and thirty-seven years, but neva again [Kam] God bless America.. but for what? How bout God damn America, the slut (yeah) Now I can name that tune Cause the land of the free is sellin negroes at noon But how soon we forget Mention the holocaust, niggaz have a fit Sorry it's real but I'm fresh out of tears Cause lynch that nigga's still ringin in my ears I want freedom, justice, equality, Islam So it's hard to keep calm when I'm accused of bein racist for lovin my people first Now they want to put me in a hearse but black people never made white slaves And we was too lovin to put Jews in a oven But the pilgrims wasn't so friendly then And by the way, I never ate a Indian So who's the real savage? Six feet tall on the average Mark the number of the God damn beast To the East my brother to the East say neva again [Kam] Oh say can y'all see? It's the home of the slave, land of the never free America me, the so called negro with another verse, so here we go As long as y'all been givin me hell No wonder there's a crack in the Liberty Bell to tell on America the Beautiful The bitch need a facelift, for this race myth And now for you to pull a caper, kidnap rape her The penalty is DEATH Cause we ain't forgave or forgot blacks bein murdered, tortured and shot Six hundred million, one-eighty-sevens It's bringin wrath down from the heavens So let my people go Pharoahe, the arrow is point at your dome, and if we don't make it home Cancel Christmas Like EPMD we got some "Unfinished Business" From way back, payback for your sin So paleskin, tell a friend, neva again