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Peace Treaty (Kam)

[ VERSE 1 ] Hittin corners in a six-trey Chevrolet Rag-top Impalla, top dollar Got my cousin Laid-Back ridin shotgun Cause I got the front-and-back hydraulic hot one Juiced up, and I'm itchin to hit the switches Crawlin over train tracks, avoidin all ditches Ice-skatin on the 20-inch tires Jack up the ass, and flex the gold dayton wires Now I'm down to take a risk Gettin geeked up off a compact disc I went hoppin up Crenshaw, niggas hang loose Lookin for my homies to celebrate the gang truce And they about to throw a cook-out So I'm puttin down the hump, we sailin on the look-out For C.H.P., I was a teenage gee So I'm readin a graffiti The walls say 'peace treaty' [ VERSE 2 ] Lookin at the aftermath of the riot I can still smell the ashes >From all the clashes But quiet is kept, it wasn't just the blacks Everybody was lootin, and had each other's backs We came through in understandin, demandin Justice, bust this, we all had our hand in The cookie jar, took it far enough to make a statement Daryl Gates - that's where all the hate went We pass by a swap meet Been shoppin at for years, but it couldn't stop heat See ya, wouldn't want to be your next door neighbor Less government relief checks, more labor 10 percent blood suckers of the poor took a loss For exploitation, had to show em who was boss Teach em not to be so greedy Had to shut em down, bound by a peace treaty Bound by a peace treaty [ VERSE 3 ] Hit the park, bailed out the car And seen blue and red everywhere, look how strong we are Niggas showin up from this gang and that gang Nobody set-trippin, cause it's a black thing People just partyin, sippin on a cup Some of the Compton F.O.I. even showed up Suited and booted, kickin it with the locs In unity, soon we'll be lovin all black foks I heard Solo, bumpin in a Blazer Clownin on a car phone, blowin up my pager Watts-Up is on the set Just checkin out the scenery, brothers I ain't never met Is hittin me up, I had to swallow my pride Just kept steppin, hit em up and said, "Right" Ain't no drama, cause I'm mobbin with Laid-Back I seen Big Jess, Jay and K-Mac They used to work them narcotics Like my nigga L-Wood and Renegade from the street products We used to jack from the rich, and then give to the needy But now it's a peace treaty [ VERSE 4 ] And now the party's acceleratin The whole crowd bounce, and sho nuff celebratin Ain't nobody bustin shots I bumped into Mike a/k/a Mo' Like Watts An O.G., cause he's older Lovin every minute of it, with the camcorder on his shoulder So he could capture the moment, and reminisce I'ma always remember this Because my niggas made the history books And now the mystery looks A lot clearer The man in the mirror Got power It's now or Never, more than ever Black people have to stick together But yo, let's hear it for the Bloods and the Crips I gots to admit it y'all brothers did it I just hope it don't cease For the sake of all the homies that's restin in peace