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Pull Ya Hoe Card (Kam)

[ VERSE 1 ] Now why must a buster try to act so hard? Let me clear this bull as I pull niggas' hoe cards The wall over your eyes, let me remove it Don't claim to be a soldier when you know you can't prove it Niggas talk a good game when they're lame as fuck And you'se a coward like Howard, the famous duck A star-struck groupie might not recognize That had that ass in a tight spot checkin eyes In real life you'se a midget, niggas thought you was bigger Homies in the hood askin me (What's up with that nigga?) If you only knew, you'd probably do somethin drastic That's why I don't be kickin it, cause niggas is plastic It was all about money, while I slept she spent Now honey need to check what she represent I still got love for em, but they need to be told All that glitters ain't gold Don't make me pull your hoe card (Get your hands off my pocket What you're handlin my pockets, nigga? Get your hands off my pockets) Don't make me pull your hoe card (Now do everybody see these cards?) (Yeah, I ain't no punk I don't give a damn where I am I'm gon' tell the truth) [ VERSE 2 ] It always got to be one Diarrhea-mouth nigga on the street who let his mouth steady run 411er, call him Mr. Information Now how the hell do my name always come up in your conversation? Spreadin gossip like a goddamn plague If you don't know me, homie, then don't call Kam Craig Spittin caps on your trap'll get you slapped like a hooker Sweatin niggas so hard, you think they in a pressure cooker I took a lotta shit, now I gotta get down (All them Muslim niggas is marks) Now how that shit sound? You better ask around before you come up missin We got ways to handle people who don't want to listen With respect from the streets to the cell blocks Somebody might find your tongue and your ears in a mailbox The hell shocks a hoe and bro broke her down Yes, I guess the card that was pulled was a joker clown (To be a hoe) Don't make me pull your hoe card (He's postin, he's postin ...right? Take the hoe, take the hoe) You know that Don't make me pull your hoe card (Think that this is some joke?) (Come on, take a card, any card) (Yes We gon' have to fight tonight) [ VERSE 3 ] So will the real O.G.'s please stand up? Swearin you a gangsta, but got the wrong hand up 'I put that on the hood', that's your favorite line Quick to jump a gang sign and say (I'm down for mine) Always talkin bout jail, the nigga ain't served one bid Braggin bout what you will do, or what you done did You'd be the man if we let you tell it But your nuts about the size of a shot gun shell, it Seems we gon' have to pull your skirt up Cause I know you ain't down to kick no dirt up, word up It's like a three-ring circus, all the clowns I see daily Like they fresh outta Ringling Brothers, bought em in Bali So let the sideshow begin, step right on in, hoe Those knowin don't talk, and those who talk really don't know Turnin tricks on the young and dumb They hot (But goddamn, Kam, where these busters keep comin from?) The word of a nerd ain't no good Cause O.G.'s run the pen, and B.G.'s run the hood Ain't nowhere to hide, in the streets or on the yard So if you ain't a troop, somebody due to pull your hoe card (Right, right, that was live The director captured the essence of street life In a war-type situation) (Think that this some joke?) (Please don't make me hurt you) Don't make me pull your hoe card (And we don't even have to hide the moneys that we make from hookers) (It's all in the cards It's all in the cards, youknowmsayin?) Don't make me pull your hoe card (Think that this is some joke?) Don't make me pull your hoe card If y'all want these cards, don't take em