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Y'all Don't Hear Me Dough (Kam)

[ VERSE 1 ] Damn, one-time just bust a you And they 4 deep, too They seen all these caps and t-shirts And them gold thangs underneath the skirts But the law ain't been broken Wait, I see 3 white cops and one token Oh, so that explains it, no doubt Uncle Tom pointed us out But I ain't tryin to get jacked They give me static, I'm givin the shit back Cause I ain't did nothin wrong And this L.A. drama been goin on too long So it's on if they touch me Matter of fact, they better Starsky-and-Hutch me Cause fool, I ain't waitin I'm 5000, so much for gold daytons I hit a side street and circled twice Shook em like hot dice Parked the toy in a driveway Cause the same thing happened last Friday I tried to tell you, they was devils once befo' But y'all don't hear me though (Hey fellas You guys know who I'm talkin to) [ VERSE 2 ] (Damn, this baby pagin me, 911) Who is that? (This bad-ass white girl from...) Aw nigga, you went out like a straight boyscout (What you talkin bout? fool, this girl a straight freak) Yeah, she probably have your ass at the clinic every week Askin the doctor, "Have you ever seen this?" With a long-wired q-tip stuck up your penis Waitin for the test results to come back from upstairs While you say your prayers And ask yourself: was it really worth it? Before Casanova crossed over, everything was perfect But you wasn't satisfied with the sisters So now you got blisters Trick or treat? (Aw nigga, you can eat a dick) Or vice versa, that's how you treat a trick Nigga like you who ain't learned That hittin pale skins'll get you burned Man, y'all better let them white hoes go But y'all don't hear me though (Hey fellas You guys know who I'm talkin to) [ VERSE 3 ] (Damn Kam, I got a migraine) What you eat? (Just some pork chops and pig's feet And a couple of strips of bacon) What? (And my head just started achin) I hate to say 'I told you so', but I told ya You couldn't take it from a soldier Kam got the ham broken down to a science So keep it out your appliance Cat plus rat plus dog equals hog Poison-ass animals, people need to ban em all (Nigga, I been eatin pork all my life, and I'm cool) Fool (You don't know what you're missin) Listen that's the reason why you get sick so quick And spend a straight grip with doctor Tom Slick So he can fill your prescription For your ass, for your headaches, and your hyper tension When all you gotta do is stop eatin the swine And everything'll be fine Black folk better leave that pork at the sto' But y'all don't hear me though (Hey fellas You guys know who I'm talkin to) [ VERSE 4 ] Damn, my nigga got stretched He's down for the k.o. For movin that lleyo And now they askin him to snitch I hate to say it, but the nigga dug his own ditch So now he's caught in a catch 22 Damned if he don't, and fucked if he do Lookin at 15 with a l Scared he'll touch down, so what the hell He starts singin like a bird Federal detectives recordin every word Puttin niggas in a twist, steppin on toes How long will he last? God only knows Ballin outta control, gotta put on a hold So it's on like that, nigga, where my niggas at? It ain't like he didn't know Cause I damn sure told him He just ain't hear me though