Do It (Bishop Lamont)

Good lord they shoot'in at me Smile on my face cause I'm trigga happy Bitch get my drink and make it snappy For I leave your ass scream'in for a taxi True Crimes and nuttin but I just seen that nigga Ruben jack an Icecream truck Then come across the street and rob a pizza hut (gimme the pizza! ) American Idol ain't my title I'm el McFoud with a big ass rifel And rob'in nuns gimme yo Bible(I'm kidding) Don't you know I'm loco homes With a tricked coat like sherlock homes Full of shot guns and big ass cromes Set the break in all yo homes (And take dat)take dat like Puffy Combes [CHORUS:] Gimme a gun gimme a knife it's true crimes Better run for yo life hide yo kids hold yo wife it's true Crimes better tuck yo ice clutch yo purse stash yo cash it's true crimes I'm about to blast call the cops lock Yo doors it's true crimes and I'm takein yours