Gotta Git Cha (Lil 1/2 Dead)

(feat. Chill) Yea, that nigga half dead in this mother fucker With my nigga chill We Going get you [Chorus x2] You know I got get cha cause I got get cha going to get cha, gotta git cha cause I got get cha [Lil' 1/2 Dead] Nigga I see you sleeping, so I'm creeping On your Dayton's cause you aint an G, like me young h.d That little gangsta coming from the l.b.c And he be straight jacking constantly I just took an coupe with the must to be (That's right) That nigga was trying to flow So I grabbed on his ass and his ass got toss, he loss His strap and his mother fucking jewels I looked in the rear view and said, O weezel I left the nigga lye straight in the street Hitting corners, straight mashing stuffing my heat in the seat We just banging and I'm hanging corners on his hundred stock torrents On the mission trying to get to the spot Cause I can up with some switches and the shit is hot [Chorus x4] [Chill] Going get cha, rock me ha ya, ready to hit cha Mother fuckers best run and duck That nigga named chill is straight crazy as fuck Yea, I'm in the backing mother fuckers on they pockets False move take em off like an rocket Blowing nigga out of his socks Creeping off with the cooks and four four glock Cock, niggas might be up the block But I'm ready to serve these punk ass fools like rocks (Got em fat)Im still on a mission, ski mask on you still know that you kissing Yall niggas better listen, I got the four four cannon Ready for some tripping, you probably trying to get me But this nigga never slipping from the c.p.t [Chorus x4] [Chill] H.D put me down on the lick [Lil' 1/2 Dead] I rock house with an safe and a grip [Chill] He know the chill got heat for days Didn't give an damm about slay Down to ground, we don't fuck around [Lil' 1/2 Dead] So meat me on the East part of town Cause nigga it's going down Right now as I speak Bring your bullet proof and your largest heat And we can't be beat [Chill] Don't worry about nottiy I got the four four and the slaw off fire And it about to get hot then the on the beach [Lil' 1/2 Dead] Let's break off piece and than each And when it fun straight get pay Loc me and you will straight have it made [Chill] You hit the part loc, I hit the back [Lil' 1/2 Dead] You get ends and I get the sack [Chorus x8]