Had To Be A Hustler (Lil 1/2 Dead)

[Verse 1] Growing up in my hood it was really on like that I had to put it down to had to do me a jab to give me a sack so I can come up on the block serving rocks from sun down to sun up I was, really puttin' it down like that and dressed in all black straight down for the jab I was a youngster, packing a 4-5 better known they looney ass eastside (right) I had my chore, so I played the part of a gangsta never ever coulda be a pranksta pushing niggas in their face puttin' punk bitches in their place now feel the base give you a taste of this gangsta shit I got the cavi tracks and my rims are on hit and like some weed it will brush ya cause hanging on my block, you had to be a hustler [Chorus x2] You had to be a hustler cause if you was a buster you know we wouldn't trust ya you had to be a hustler cause if you was a buster you know we wouldn't trust ya [Verse 2] now the year is 1989 I'm in the cavi spot and I'm doing fine I got ritches, I got bitches I got a caddy green 4 with 16 switches on some triple gold was every single day straight swerving zippin' on a cold one on my way to the weedspot I got my glock in the stashpot cause the cops are kinda hot and now I got me a sack and now I'm heading back to the street where the fucking money at it's the block where I slang and all the G niggas hang and the young niggas bang puttin' it down every single night getting there drunk showin' off try to fight one and other but we still had love and rest in peace to my niggas up above because uh [Chorus x2] [Verse 3] it's a cold thang when you got no game see every smoker on the block know my name I was a youngster with boulders for your shoulders and still slanging cavi and ?muchoda? and I got some niggas down with me see every single day we sell a pound you see or that bomb ass dote mack so come to my block and get a fat sack we got that shit that I fuck you up so don't take it to the head or you might get stuck so grap a partner and spot the bomb cause it will have you like tweakie from dust to dawn I tell the truth and I never lie cause I promise I smoke chronic till the day I die and a new face on the block we couldn't trust ya cause you might be a busta [Chorus x4]