You Know Me (Lil 1/2 Dead)

[Chorus x4] Who am I? [radio skit: Lil' nigga 1/2 dead] [Verse 1] you know who I am, you know my motherfucking name Long Beach is the city, Dogg Pound the game 1/2 Dead steppin' true the do' with a 4-4 everybody get faced down on the fucking flo' and yo give up your do' and um, give up your ho' and give me the keys the that motherfucking 6-4 hittin' swithces, bitches all on my nuts cause I drops nuttin' but funky cuts shuts I don't know why, I be so fly way up in the sky till the day I die I, ain't doing nuttin' but straight clownin' rollin' true your hood, Eastside Dogg Poundin' and I don't give a fuck about a nigger cause every single day my game grows bigger and um, if a nigga really wanna show me he better hurry up and act like he know me because [Chorus x4] [Verse 2] I'm coming from the Eastside of the ocean with the macrobiotic lotion now let me see your hands in the air with some motion movin' up straight from left to right cause we gon' rock this fucking party like all night (ooooh weeee) cause I don't give a fuck about a punk ass cop I shoot him in his knees and watch his bitch ass drop to the ground, the Pound is my gang I told ya now I gotta fold ya, scold ya and ??? ya and what you wanna trust ya punk you got stomp by H-D dog in his dead ass trunk (dead ass nigga) and that's how it goed and that's how it be don't fuck with a nigga from the LBC (nigga) cause you can ??? with this mental and thrown a park fucking with a BG with a gang of hard (nigga) so sit down befor you get smacked bitch ass nigga you know where my hard is at because [Chorus x4] [Verse 3] like the I says make him say it again cause it's the weedpin and it'll drop of gin and juice, get my caps l loose fuck a gang trues and I'll re-produce some mo' gangsta shit for your monkey ass and niggas will be asking me how it will be so damn fast but I don't tell 'em shit I let 'em pay for his nuts cause like I said I drops nuttin' but funky cuts and all you hookers and ho's all lickin' my fingers so could you please back up and give me my space? huh, cause I, gots to drop this gangsta shit and if you to close then pussy you'll get hit like all in yo' mouth no doubt 1/2 Dead is in the house in the Pound, in the back ready to get yo' punk ass out, fool so back up and drink ya drink, punk nigga, befor I have to make you for your dank and um [Chorus x4] [Outro] yea, yea, yea, yea Lil' 1/2 Dead yea for the motherfucking 199-flo and ya don't stop, fool yea