Young Hd (Lil 1/2 Dead)

[Lil 1/2 Dead] It all started back in 83' It's when I first came an O.B.G The set that I claim was the L.BC And none of these niggas couldn't see H.D (Whys that) Cause I got it going on I'm flocking new bitches and my paper is low (Like what) Like the beach and the city I'm from And H.D dogg getting bitches sprung (Off what) Off the dick, so take an lick And hurry up and get out of my face you trick ass bitch Cause I don't give an fuck about an hoe Even though I got in the game in 94' I still got it going on and I bust an gain bitches because my game is strong And hoes be clocking me, straight jocking me In the party even if I'm with somebody [Hook: Lil 1/2 Dead] Why should an nigga ever try to be So mother fucking fresh and fly as me And why should an bitch should ever lie to me That gangsta ass nigga name young H.D [chorus x2] Young H.D why is he such an old B.G.E [Lil 1/2 Dead] Now H.D dogg is an mack you see I been on a mission since 83' The city that I well is the L.B.C H.D dogg will stay an G Be on a mission clocking ends and shit And he be on the mission try to check an bitch He be on the mission try to straight get paid He be on the mission and try to have it made So I could live like the rest of them And when it's time to floss, I'm with the best of them Living lavage and straight be clocking ends and shit Cause I'm going to keep going and it just want quit, shit I'm going to stay fly to I die and every single day I straight get high Off drank or maybe even off of some bomb ass weed Why should I be an O.B.G [Hook x2: Lil 1/2 Dead] [chorus x2] [Lil 1/2 dead] I beat you down like an boxer Got your girl and rocked her Never ever jocked her, she talk shit I socked her All in her mouth cause I got some much class If their an party in her house I'm turning it out (That's right) That nigga H.D in the place to be and I'm still C walking on 21 street It's me the little nigga that would never drop Playing keys and cavi and just won't stop Clocking fat ass knots and I got four stops Cause I got three glocks in case you want to get shot It's hot in the spot where I slangs my dope Don't coming around tripping we ain't no joke loc You gets smoke like an fat ass joint And right about now you reach the turning point In your life for fucking with me And why should I be an O.B.G [Hook: Lil 1/2 Dead] [chorus x4]