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Eternal Sleep (Touch of Eternity)

Ground is cracking under my bare feet Had to come wander through the night again Morning has left its frost to tease me away, this lonely shadow Under these evergreens no ray of sun will ever shine Over me the tops so high, under me, ground so soft Light fading away slowly crawling are shadows Silently the ground whispers me, I feel I want to sleep Forget all the sorrow's chains, leave this pain behind Did I ever tell I regret everything I did Only wish of mine, to get all that back Weeping is the sky before us, I don't even care The ground is calling me, for eternal sleep Will a light ever come back to life of mine so gray There's no time, there's no will, I fade away Will you ever come back and say you loved me Give me a spark before I fall asleep The sky's stars, the moaning moon Dark depths of this forest, my cradle Falling, slowly Shall I never share another tear A new chance somewhere far away will it wait for me? A new chance to suffer all these darkened days again I don't need no empathy because this feels like a home To the hands of mother earth I sink, spending a night