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Here I Am (Camp Rock)

They tell you a good girl is quiet And that you should never ask why 'Cause it only makes it harder to fit in You should be happy, excited Even if you're just invited 'Cause the winners need Someone to clap for them It's so hard, just waiting In a line that never moves It's time you started making Your own rules You gotta scream until There's nothing left With your last breath, so Here I am, here I am Make'em listen 'Cause there is no way you'll be ignored Not anymore, say Here I am, here I am Here I am, here I am You only get one life to work it So who care's if it's not perfect Say, "it's close enough to perfect for me" Why should you hide from the thunder And the lightning that you're under 'Cause there ain't nobody else You want to be If how your living isn't working There's one thing that'll help You got to finally just stop searching To find yourself The world better make some room Yeah, move over, over. Cause you're coming through Cause you're coming through [Chorus]