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Inferno At The Carpathian Mountains (Hail of Bullets)

The main armies defeated Remains are heading West Towards the safety of the Reich Between them and the homeland Lies one final obstacle A passage through the Carpaths Known as impenetrable Few challenging passes Ravines dark and deep Ascending 2000 meters Where roads are bad and steep Units without officers Deserters from imprisonment Over threatening white peaks Nowhere light, nowhere shelter Not a sign of life A desolate dreary region Where no-one can survive the misdemeanours The crimes against mankind The last halts of abundance They left them far behind Fury figures wrapped in grey blankets Will-less eyes gaze into nothingless Stare through this pathetic procession A long cortege of infatuation Tired sullen faces Feet blistered and sore Their clothing is threadbare Soles tied up with cords A mountain range afflicted by the cold Icy wind brings horizontal At the Carpathian Inferno A lump of snow is looming Alongside of the track The tombstone of two comrades Who died silent, back to back Faces remain nameless Wheels crush splintered bones Frozen death is painless On this god-forgotten road