On Choral Shores (Hail of Bullets)

Tons of high explosives Plastering the reefs Amphtracs approaching Offloading LST's Establishing the beachheads Perimeter secured Distant laying battleships Roaring whilst harboured Barbed wire and minefields Concrete obstacles Cautiously proceeding Behind armoured vehicles Say farewell to their comrades Left in blood red waves A sudden hail of metal From camouflaged caves Barrels of all calibres Decimate the ranks Concentrated fire Hidden Ha Go tanks Airborne hara-kiri Devastating wings Naval bombardments Ever ongoing Shermans cracking pillboxes Grinding spider holes Flamethrowers spewing Burn nests on these atolls Corsairs sending rockets Drive the enemy back Launch in desperation Vicious counterattack Storming on a noxious stew Of putrefying dead Fierce hand-to-hand combat Charge with bayonet Severed heads, blackened flesh Blood, bones, filth, and gore Torn cadavers exposing The gruesome face of war Insulate choral shores