Red Wolves Of Stalin (Hail of Bullets)

Plundering SS-units Prisoners rot in camps The old and weak were shot Defeatist got hanged Nationwide extortion No one can survive A starving population Miserably dies Silently they disappeared At night Joined the other hungry Wolves to fight To slay and maim and kill The fascist beast The cutthroat invaders Of their East Blowing up the bridges Undermine the streets Attacking the convoys Leave cold dead German meat Sabotage the railways Behind enemy lines Bombing army transports Destroy telephone wires A merciless strike From out of the dark Witness the Russian Partisan's Trademark All they have Is their hate to feed on Ambush another enemy patrol Hiding in the forest Or villages nearby Like the pack they are prowling And only hunt at night Lying in the slush Buried deep in snow Always facing death Ready for the blow Marching, creeping, waiting, Snipers in the trees Aiming, shooting, killing These wolves will have their feast