Tokyo Napalm Holocaust (Hail of Bullets)

Distant shadows Altitude low Sirens warning For the blow Formations of superfortresses Incoming B-29s Hunters guiding Silver silhouettes B-San droning through the night Delivering obliteration The end of the empire is nigh Determined to bring the apocalypse Unleashing it from darkened skies Napthenic palmatic acids Mixed with jellied gasoline The phenomenon of the firestorm Exploding incendiaries Most destructive of all weapons Vile product of chemistry Annihilation from the heavens Damnation falls on the city Napalm cylinders Burst into fires Collapsing buildings Overcrowded hives Asphyxiating Roasted alive Immense incandescent vortices Inferno's ultimate stage Walls of screaming humanity Consumed by the whirling rage Desperate mother's suffocating Their babies fried on their back Smouldering rest of existence Civilians carbonized and black Two hundred thousand Burned, charred, and boiled Deformed carcasses Twisted and coiled Disintegrated Into hot soil Gigantic pyre Of melted flesh Holocausted Reduced to ash