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Hollograms (Styles of Beyond)

Chasin me - follow a visual mist Imprint's a tiger fist, fly swift, attackin Kodak So get your camera ready if you plan to catch a 'hollo- -grammar' dope lyrical nut so suck and swallow Borrow, a pencil and a sack of common sense so you can take notes on how to flow dope and represent Occupants in my space, bring it on, try to harm me I grab a gun and start to unload like Finnish laundry (BLAOW! BLAOW!) Terminology rips, like full clips through {bullshit} Funk flips off the tongue, Ryu's on some pool {shit} Bellyflops and whatnot, low audio sonar Tractor beams pullin all dreams into the polar Symetic solar systematically scramble thoughts like eggs on Sunday morning, OJ and acid drops *drip drip drip* Randomly rippin spots, spittin dope like freebasin like an open invitation to come and kick it with Satan yo "You could never ever begin to apprehend a hologram" - Pharoahe Monch (2X) (from the song "Releasing Hypnotical Gases") I'll rip the mask off the body - settin it off, commencin surgery Perjury's a crime, and now you must, pay the penalty I inject a deadly poison that sucks calcium out your teeth Dryin out your bones, killin the fake - indentity I, come! out of my shell, breaks loose the truth Exploiting chemical reaction making contact with the youth You are now left in front of a million sides claimin the truth Choose your destiny but beware being guided by the fools Youth will be dropped in front of you, many of you got shook Two-timed topped for Tommy Hil', gettin played by Captain Hook Look behind the books, and see the red eyes of demon like semen travellin lost, searchin for the egg Givin birth to an indentity, no heart and no brain Travellin through a maze but never passed the third grade Rolled the dice get a seven, now you move to next phase Pressure's gettin kinda thick as you fall, into a fade Breakin out in sweat, but the water evaporates Rubbin your eyes not believin, what I demonstrate Visual effects as well as comprehensional soundwaves Blinded by the fact that you are now official contract slaves Seein the light, you may be able to escape the grave but the dice are in your hand, I be that invisible man holdin back the Guardian Angel that's tryin to help you stand as you collapse you roll a two, that sends you two steps back Blood drips out the guillotine as mental slaves are whacked The last words you ever hear would be the knowledge that you lack.. (knowledge that you lack..) "You could never ever begin to apprehend a hologram" - Pharoahe Monch "The mind tricks the body, body thinks the mind is crazy" - Buckshot "You could never ever begin to apprehend a hologram" - Pharoahe Monch "The mind tricks the body, body thinks the mind is crazy" - Buckshot "Making fools.. understand" (2X) "You.. could never .. apprehend a hologram" - Pharoahe Monch Yo, tap the bottle twist the cap, drink it down to the Main Source so watch how many people "Fake the Funk" Categorized in the majority of punks who can't avoid the false bash you get trapped in a slump A fool's paradise, rockin mics, livin large Cruisin through illusions, now peep the mirage Imaginin the plaque the made of platinum when he's rappin But he don't know the facts in the game, now what happened Identify the master of fraud, the unknown confess Hittin holograms shown watch the mirror reflect the Style of Beyond seal of official respect The one.. two.. mic.. check.. The rhythm black hole, grapplin the souls of artificial flows that decompose, cause it ain't really real Reveal what's concealed, pop balloon headed egoes Syringe deflates the mindstate below zero Scales gettin tipped with overweight hot {shit} Invisible em-bl-em shinin bright from my wrath So open up the door and feel the blast cause too many rhyme, too many slide, too many pass.. "You could never ever begin to apprehend a hologram" - Pharoahe Monch (4X)