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Part Ii (Endangered) (Styles of Beyond)

STOP! Man whatchu gonna do now? Now I'ma break it down just to tell a little story Straight off the top, with no specific category Welcome to another rendition of what we call freefall About time, we decide to ball with the mind of a junkyard hog ready to brawl witcha hype man, retrievin the mysterious mic stand Yo, murderin the first 12 Monkeys in a face-off the top Flip my claws out, fangs for bloody thirst The curse of a person conversin in tongues for funds Punchlines like loaded nines won't survive in my dimension Divide the sector seven into pie graph Twenty-five percent passed, ten percent dissed, the other half talk fast and don't say {shit} like deaf mutes My def boots, trample on troops, samples applied, wire detonate mic fires in Beirut, cards of the same suit A half deck, catchin half wreck, that was your last bet Now, whether you like it or not, we still arrive Bright and early up in yo' face with somethin live The crew that makes you wake up, stop and peep notice.. Notice.. "Open your eyes and try to focus" I think it's time to wake up (for what) to hear the dope stuff You know the stuff that Ryu and Tak' drop on the hush The sound that people wanna pound but don't touch We slow the platoons like water balloons in a bunch We oughta resume to crunch your half rhyme pasttime Call out fakes, see me at the bank in the cash line Not a greedy pig, but indeed he did do (what was that?) Tried to get cold, when I'm an igloo Don't you know what you got into, into got you what? No you don't, attack this with bass-ackwards tactics will get you on my blacklist, quick-er than you can pass or flip the flea flicker Run the hundred yard dash, pass Flash Gordon flippin the bird, trippin over tongue tied words Yeah these unsigned nerds, stuck with a memo on the back {hahah} Floodin the underground with weak demos on wax (Like that?) Like that, and that's the way it'll be Cause when my empire strikes back vigorously Here comes the crew that makes you wake up, stop and peep notice.. Endangered (4X) Aiyyo, is that your bag, I'll help you pack it Cause that's the, last time you steppin to Cali kickin some wack {shit} Feel the wrath of Iron Patrick, rippin apart your poetry thoughts, w-dots, ? bought boxes of cheap art and stolen parts from the chop shop Used to be hip-hop, converted to a drop top Hah, no longer legit for hopscotch, the oil gauge key to ignite drips the plot Stuck in the service shop, we heard a lot of same stuff played Quick to identify like a friendly game of charades .. so whatcha whatcha want? Endangered.. (5X)