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Spies Like Us (Styles of Beyond)

Yo.. yeah.. So I slid behind the van, ran down the hill quick Knight Rider episode callin KITT Talkin telecom through a channel on my wrist S.O.S. bein sent, {fuck} the superhero {shit} In and out of phone booths, kryptonite Whistle for a taxi beneath the street light Pick me up, drop me off two blocks from the site And make sure nobody knows about the secret uh-ahh uh-ahh Beware the spy brought binoculars Got a strange feelin cause I know somebody's watchin us They're comin for my music But they can't hack it, so I'm jettin through the streets attractive, with the key in the black book of matches Floatin past pedestrians, cross over the bridge Got, major with new flavor and brought it to North Ridge But, everybody wraps like a toga So I took the subway to the city of Kinnoga Build a foundation to resist the mainstream S.O.B., three lethal weapons all on the same team Spread it rapidly like a sonic gangrene Hangin portraits of the pitiful, so punk say cheese {click} Pack the briefcase with explosives Walkie-talkie signal causin all types of commotion I'm still bein followed No choice but to rocket like the 13th Apollo and dissapear into the smoke, inside a genie bottle Got me caught up with Dr. Jekyll lookin for Mr. Rhymer True, radios green for the spies Spies like us see everything you do Every move you make, every last clue All the mistakes and all the check one two's Locked in a briefcase of the S.O.B. crew (2x) You know me by my alias, Tiger Trenchcoat Chan Mr. Incognito with the microphone can Place and date of birth unknown, tappin phonelines Plantin bugs in your stereo box when you ain't home Trackin my assailants with my high tech surveillance Night vision goggles with the poison dart impalements Secret artist sabotage cause train derailments Styles of Beyond recon, with deadly ailments Yo - even my wife don't know my double life Double low on the mic, out of mind, out of sight Usin night as a cloak cause I walk my dog dope Peepin you, like a naked {bitch} on my telescope Runnin through the thick smoke, slipped and broke your back on the oil slick ?? lay just like a nympho Collectin clues and info, keep tabs on crews who choose to pose and rock dues in Range Rover rentals Manipulate your pad and pencil to instigate a cold war over instrumentals Evacuate, ID their bodies by their dental - let the record show the victim died by deadly flows afflicted to the mental Depicted in the scene, it's the undercover team Kickin fools like Kung-Fu, Jeru, and Carradine All up my sleeves in my rhymin fatigues, the party starts with a magnifying glass scope and chop the body parts Who's responsible? Disguisin y'all constable Drape the yellow tape around the body, front page, 2nd article Obituaries filled with suckers with no skill In the line of duty hitmen for hire, yo what's the deal? For real, gag his throat, slap him if he squeals 9-1-3-0-6 information gets revealed Bloody Mary holiday, flashback, remember this evidence clearly show you trespass the premises Spies on the case You heard my name but you can't match the face From out the shadows ha ha nobody's safe ha ha Kill em all ha ha without a trace, cash double-oh Fourth and inches off the benches in comes the crowd favorite Jaded, 007 the special agent Radiant, triple X flexin with heat Break necks of those who sweat thou and try to compete Elite, for this moment in time, I steal the sunshine and spit flames at any MC who try to take mine The eighth sign apocalyptic, lyrically gifted The final move you make is made against the mystic The swiftest, always prevail, the human 3rd rail I exhale the smoke from molotov cocktails Propel the power conduct, uhh, I bring the ruck What the {fuck}? Ten seconds, this track self destructs