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We Could Love (Alex Goot)

G Gsus2 D Em7 (2x) G Gsus2 1. So maybe I'm just blind D Em7 Or maybe I can't see G Gsus2 Well either one is fine D Em7 I speak redundantly G Gsus2 It's hard to see what's wrong D Em7 When you're diving in like me D Gsus2 Dsus4 D I used to love relentlessly G Gsus2 D Em7 R: So how can you remember everything? G Gsus2 Is there a rulebook for our love D Em7 I'm not reading? G Gsus2 If we could just free up the laws D Em7 That binds our lives D Gsus2 Then we could love Dsus4 D Yeah, we could love 2. Don't get me wrong here I need you in my life But we're independent people At the current time I know that years from now The day will finally come For us to love perpetually R: So how can you... Gsus2 Dsus4 D Bm Gsus2 Gsus2 Dsus4 D *: This is where I draw the line this time Bm Gsus2 This just has to stop right here Gsus2 Dsus4 D If we can't just learn to live our lives Bm Gsus2 Then we don't have any hope at all R: So how can you... (2x)