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Web Of Life (Tribuzy)

Empty rooms Empty places No one knows that faces shake in the dark A pathy, Disrespect And all our days have been so sad I'm looking at you I'm waiting for you I'm the dirty finger, Inside of your unscarred wound I just wanna be free I just wanna feel I'm out of fire I don't want to recall I want to be part of it all I don't want to be excluded From my life We are in the web of life Where our lifelines Divide into thousands of parts We are in the web of life We can't be quiet Waiting for something more I've heard all your excuses Now I'm doing it on my own I don't need you anymore I got the strenght to carry on I'm tired of all your lies There's no way to change my mind And as Frank said I did it my way I'm not just a face in a hall Not even one more brick in the wall I'm not what you want I'm power I'm not in your hands now I'll make you surrender You won't play of God... anymore