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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Forever For You (Naturally 7)

Can I take a little time now, to tell you how I feel, sorry I drifted away. I know I’ve been a little distant, I guess I haven’t been there for you, so much that I need to say. You should know.> I’m never gonna give up, I wouldn’t give in. I promised you I’d love you through thick and thin. And I just wanna stay in your arms. Whenever I fall, you lift me up and you say, there’s no need to worry it will all be o.k. Whenever I wonder off and I lose my way, you always forgive me never turn me away. This is true, and so I will be forever for you. I know I’ve been a little selfish, I’ve been a little cold and tired, sorry I pushed us apart. I should’ve let your love hold me, I should’ve opened up inside, instead of closing my heart. Now I know. And though I let you down you believed in me, you lead me with your love and you made me see. That I was meant to be in your arms. I’ve been caught up in my darker days and too blind to see. But you were always there to love me unconditionally. I will never let you go, just hold on to me. Let me love you faithfully through it all.