Lionheart (Adamantra)

PART I: All my sad life I have wandered on the wrong side For such a long time in lie Captain of misery behind the mask of haze As sympathy of paralysed in a bed of white Counting the sins of a lifetime Smoke from the past dancing in vain As children's eyes stare in the light The sweet tending embrace of fire Shouting "O Brother" Hands reaching out from the cage Can't escape the kiss of flaming horror Greed won't let me go Everlasting wrath in the verdict of trial Envy in my soul Tries to drown the seeds of the truth as a liar The final hour flowing slowly in my glass Burning ashes float higher And now it's time to go Without a lullaby I guess there's no one to say goodbye I die alone and fly far away With all the lies inside me PART II: Awakening beyond the stars Far away from home A new world opens to my eyes A figure I have seen Long time ago O Brother With two pure snow white doves in the sky Brave silver arrow like lighting And classic black force we ride To the nightfall sunset Together forever Pride has let me go Never-ending lust in my heart of fire Freedom in my soul Tries to raise the crown of my thorns even higher PART III: On a secret route to valley of the withering roses Out from the night appears a ghost of the past in disguise Deep through his eyes deceitful with the gaze of fear I see the flying pictures of my victims through the time An essence of the serpent in the face of betrayal Reflecting from the mirror of the conscience disgraced Fatal lies hover in the sound of untrue tales As stigma of my children burning my heart forever PART IV: In captured land I'm wandering so Lost in despair searching for This liberty and white refuge Will save my second life to pure my heart Now I can see a total evil Sinister conductor of hate Two dark shadows behind my back Try to avoid the finger of war The baton of fear PART V: Over the bridge in the edge of waterfall Thunder paces the rhyme of the lullaby In secret passage beyond the gates Of dragon's lair I step inside the dungeon A silent cry of prisoners echoes forevermore In my heart those lost forgotten souls I left behind to die by false sentence of death Still hear the moaning scars in the past Last chance to tie an end to the slavery "Glorious liberty End of this tyranny We will never ever never again Surrender no more The storm of freedom brings The day of great battle And deliverance for eternity" PART VI: One misty morning in the battlefield The brothers in arms struggling with evil lords of war He rides with the horn and blows symphony The day of reckoning has finally come PART VII: A pleasant victory after a long sorrow But not without the pain not without sacrifice Blessing and bittersweet forgiveness of my sins O brother turn back time and make me a child again Try to close your eyes and dream of paradise Far beyond the stars in a time of fairytales I won't let you go until I'll see the light Fly with me away to another wonderland I can see the light