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Cold Bread (Flynn Johnny)

Well, I'm sure you're near and I can almost smell you But the winds are up at the walls again And I can hear you coming, heaven helped you coming I believe in heaven, it's a wait away Did you learn just how I loved you? Did you see how far I'd been? Would you meet me in an hour? I could tell you what I've seen, what I've seen Cold bread, cold bread we had Put your whine in water, pull your chips back in So you crawl like a crab across Blackfriars Bridge [Incomprehensible] I'm a bowling green, I'm a delivery boy Have a heart which skips a beat Oh, come on, roll along for free In the middle of the morning Swap your drinking nights with me, with me Cold bread, cold bread we had Cold bread, cold bread we had I can live with dying, I can chew my bit And play panic to my senses and hijack my head It's the rhythm of moving and a rolling and a rattle It's a giving instead, it's a well sprung bed We can roll around forever We can pray for all we've been We can knock it hell for leather We can call it all a dream, all a dream Cold bread, cold bread we had Cold bread, cold bread we had