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Oh To Eat An Apple (Flynn Johnny)

Jesus Christ, eat your apple, It's raining cats & dogs If Happy-Go-Lucky can dance with a girl And then Cain killed his Abel in fog And I'm in denial of one or two things, And three or four besides And I'll suffer you if you look in my eye Like the moon has its turn on the tides, on the tides She sits on the front of the bus like a teacup, Christening glass with her gaze And I'm right behind watching her with my knees up And stretching the time with my ways I like the rivers in cities, They've always been there, you see, I like the feeling of falling through time And that's what the rivers can be, to me I never knew you an instant, But I knew you the instant I saw Tthat the river went by and you cast it your eye And we weren't on the bus anymore I hate the feelings of guilt That I get when I'm alone or in crowds, Then I'm with friends and it's fine once again And it's not such a sin to be proud