Sick Sex (Tigertailz)

Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah I can't take anymore she'z just a barbed wire b-b-baby with a broken glass heart sweet little flower turnz sour when the action startz well she'z a greddy man eater ooh she'z gonna get her fill undercover lover with a license to kill (she won't think twince) something ain't right behind her eyez I know what she wantz tonight this isn't love this ain't a romance this ain't love, this is sick sex this ain't the kinda love I need tonight oh baby this ain't right foul mouthed little lady with a dirty, dirty mind take you to the end of the line and leave you behind she'll make you crazy get you falling apart tell you that it'z love and laugh when she breakz your heart (she aint so nice) something ain't right Behind her eyez all this time telling me liez I know what she'z got in mind I know what she wantz to night