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Ancient Black Spirit (Cruel Force)

Obsessed by the sounds of darkness and evil The Bells are tolling midnight shines bright In Lord Satan's name we've sacrificed Hailing the cult of Hades and watch heaven die Ancient Black Spirit Beware the unholy forces of hell Possession the powers of evil unwind Break free from the shackles of slavery tonight Belial our warlord will bless us with might The world it lies cold our legions have won Satan's armies are gathered as one The spirit of evil burns deep in our souls This night none will defy our oath Hellish inferno torments the mind Blackness turning the day into night Black magic rites performed for our lord Total mayhem the code of this horde Watch now your feeble faith tortured and raped The force of the ancient cult cannot be tamed Ruling this mortal world with iron fist Striking with vengeancethrough fire and mist