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Hamburg Night (Laakso)

In the Hamburg night I'm walking at a time When just the strange ones are awake. I take a cab to the street where the action is, The one they warned me about. An important DJ from Berlin speaks and orders drinks. She drinks and talks and talks until she walks away, No surprise I had to pay. Someone calls me cutie, someone pulls my arm. It's a transvestite two meters tall He pulls so hard I fall now he can take what he wants But someone screaming makes him change his mind. It's a Spanish speaking prostitute That's shouts at me you're cute So are you dear prostitute, we're quite the same But the difference is that I give myself away for free today. I haven't had enough sp I enter this rough Punkrock place againg. I paint pizzerie walls, I decorate, she says. I feel our connection so does her boyfriend The supermale bartender. The bartender tells me ugly mords in German, Still I understand. I decide this to be the right time, I tie me shoes and leave. The stars might be all clear elsewhere But I need their guidance now. At the step og the door that I thin is right I spend the rest om this Hamburg night.